Friday, October 23, 2015


It's been over four years since Adele released her last album, 21. She is finally back with her first single, "Hello," from her upcoming album, 25, which she refers to as her "making up to herself" album. Like a typical Adele song, the song is predominately piano and Adele's voice. What really makes the song is the power and emotions in Adele's voice as she sings the choruses. The structure of the song reminds me a lot of "Someone Like You" by the aspect of the soft, beginning that leads into such a strong chorus lyrically and vocally. "Hello" is emotional and pure. It has a sense of intimidation, fear, haunt, and vulnerability. If this is what Adele has to offer as far as 25, I'm looking forward to hear more.

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Check out "Hello" below!


  1. I absolutely adore this song! Adele's return is certainly exciting and long-awaited. Her emotionally driven lyrics and dynamics are unmatched today.

  2. Love the updates on this blog! As well as this song, very informative post !