Thursday, October 1, 2015

Magnets-Disclosure ft. Lorde

Disclosure and Lorde released their collaborative single, "Magnets," this week and to say it's amazing is an understatement.  Disclosure's slow, Bollywood-meets-modern-pop beat and Lorde's sulky, dark voice mesh together to create a hit that lives up to the anticipation of the two entities working together. Along with this, Lorde sings lyrics such as "pretty girls don't know the things that I know," and "dancin' past the point of no return" that captures the ear as Lorde addresses the issue that some have against her claiming that she is not attractive enough as a pop star. The verses in "Magnets" are calm and you can really focus on the Disclosure-sound that builds into an upbeat sing-a-long that you can't help but move your body to.

Catchy Beat *
Captivating Lyrics *
Uniqueness *
Repeated Listens *
Would Recommend *

5/5 *

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