Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Alessia Cara-Wild Things

I am quite disappointed with myself for just discovering who Alessia Cara is, because after hearing "Wild Things," I am kind of obsessed with her. "Wild Things" is a rebellious anthem that takes me back to my high school days. The best part of this song to me is the lyrics. Cara sings about not in the in-crowd and not wanting to be. It's lines like "If you don't like our 808s then leave us alone cause we don't need your policies" and "You tell me to tread, I'd rather be a wild one instead" that really gives this young, fun vibe to the song. Alessia does not have that strong of vocals in this track, but her voice is interesting and unique enough to assert herself as an artist.

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  1. I also recently discovered this artist, still unsure on how I feel about her music though. She has a unique sound but she doesn't quite hook me into her songs.